Following on from last week’s post here is the second part of my 4 part series on Low Cost, High Impact Marketing Strategies that I hope will help you shake things up a bit, without shaking out the piggy bank.

#4: Blogging and Social Media

It can be hard trying to keep pace with all the social media platforms that pop up and equally difficulty knowing where to start or what to do. Like many, I have a limited amount of marketing time each week and I spend it prudently. When faced with the social media dilemma I think the old adage “Don’t spread yourself too thin.” rings very true. I believe it is better to do one or two things really well, than six things poorly. Concentrate on establishing your business on one or two social media platforms that feel comfortable and suit your business and regularly contribute something useful that will capture people’s attention and have them clicking through to your website to learn more about you and your business. You’ll find using social media is great for improving your website rankings— if you contribute to them regularly with quality material.

QUEENSTOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - 09 APRIL 2017: Social Media logotype popular collection printed and place on wood scrabble game pieces isolated on white wood planks

ACTION: Investigate the social media platforms and choose one or two that appeal to you and then set up an account for your business. Schedule a regular time each week to contribute something useful and informative.  Social media management tools like Hootsuite are fantastic for managing and schedule posts across multiple social media accounts – you can even start with a free Hootsuite account. When adding content ensure you attach tags or keywords to your posts to help attract readers. If you still find it hard to know where to start, a Virtual Assistant can always help you establish some social media accounts, create content and schedule posts on your behalf.

#5: Editorial Feature In Your Local Paper

Your local paper loves to receive great leads and ideas for stories about local people in your community. You have probably read a bunch of stories like someone with a unique skill or service, success story, down-and-out and now doing well or some striking it out on their own after losing their job. Try to find an angle about current events that could inspire them to use your story. Even if you make contact and they don’t immediately use your story, a good newspaper or journalist will keep your details on file just in case they need a contact in your industry or with your background and experience.


ACTION: Read your local papers and scan them for the journalists who seems to write the articles/editorials that you want to feature in. Contact them directly and be prepared with some information on what’s in it for them as they will want some angle or feature in your story that will draw the readers in, for example: rags to riches story, my redundancy was the best thing that happened to me, how your business is helping the community.

#6: Branding

A lot of people think of big organisations when you mention branding, but branding can be as simple as being consistent with your pitch, logo, products – your overall presence basically.

When it comes to merchandise, start with something that can be fairly cheap that will be your silent salesperson every single day — your clothing and your car. While some of us tend to bunker down in our home office, every now and again you have to venture out and when you do it can be a fantastic opportunity to let the everyday people in your life (post office, corner shop, fellow parents at school) know what you do. When we first visited our local computer shop and mentioned our business name the receptionist commented “Oh, I’ve seen your car around—I know you!”.


Signage and branded clothing are reasonably small, but good investments that can become your silent salespeople. Who can say that they are fantastic at remembering names; not me! Humans are such visual creatures and we always seem to remember the face, but we just can’t put a name to it. I have come away from many events and couldn’t remember half the names, but what I do remember are logos – those logo shirts get me every time! They are good conversation starters, they instantly give someone an in to talk to you “Oh, ABC Organics— what do you specialise in?” They also give the people who see you everyday a clue to where you are from, what you do and usually it will pique their curiosity enough to ask questions and find out more about your business.

ACTION: Contact sign companies and get quotes on die-cut vinyl signage for your vehicle; a cost effective but durable option. But when it comes to putting signage on your car, make sure that your car is appropriate. If your car is poorly maintained and cluttered with rubbish, what message will it convey about your business? Branded clothing doesn’t necessarily have to be purchased from a uniform shop or promotional merchandise vendor. Try to stand out from the pack and purchase several top quality, unique shirts during a sale and have them embroidered with your logo.

I hope you find these Low Cost, High Impact Marketing Strategies helpful and be sure to look out for the next two installments of this 4 part series on Low Cost, Big High Marketing Strategies.

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