Following on from the last three posts, here is the fourth and final part of my 4 part series on Low Cost, High Impact Marketing Strategies that I hope will help you shake things up a bit, without shaking out the piggy bank.

#10: Use Your Inner Circle To Get Outside The Circle

By now I am sure that you have told all of your family, friends and colleagues about your business – but if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!. Encourage them to subscribe to your ezine that way they will be in touch with your latest developments, your business will stay fresh in their mind and they are ready to refer you when they see a situation arise.


Take it a step further and ask them to put you in touch with some of their contacts who they believe could use your services.

ACTION: Give your family, friends and colleagues a quick call to ask how they are going, what they are doing (is there a possibility of cross promotion?) and explain what you are doing. Be sure to be confident, proud and really excited about what you are doing – it’s contagious!

#11: Set Up a Referral Thank You Scheme

I absolutely adore getting referrals! It means that someone is so happy with my services that they are actually taking the time to talk about my business and recommend me to one of their colleagues—what a compliment!


It is such an easy but powerful thing to set up your own referral system. For example, when your receive a referral, shoot off a card and a treat (keep it simple, i.e. a chocolate, magazine, etc) to the referee, to acknowledge and thank them for their referral. If the referral goes on to use/buy your products or services to a certain value of your own choosing, follow this up with a card and voucher for the referee, formally thanking them for referring the client and advising them that the referral has gone on to become a client of a certain status.

ACTION: Set yourself a spend amount for referral clients that will trigger the reward, then set yourself a limit (a percentage of the overall spend of the new client is a good idea) so you can budget for the thank you gift.

I hope you enjoyed this, the final of the 4 part series on these Low Cost, High Impact Marketing Strategies helpful and wish you every success with your business.

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