You’ve made the leap and started your home business, but something isn’t quite right and you’re feeling a little blah. Here are my tips to get you feeling, looking and sounding professional in your home business.

Feel Professional

Most of us have worked in an office at some point in time and perhaps your past experience (for better or worse) is what led you to start your own business, but it can be a struggle to feel professional when you are working from a space at home. However, the key is in the styling and presentation of the space and not the space itself. You could be working in a large office space, but if it’s a total mess you’re not going to feel professional or happy.


When carving out your work space at home using a spare room is ideal, but if you don’t have this option available to you a corner of a room is absolutely fine. You can partition the rest of the room off but be sure to keep the larger room tidy – if you are working in a space that is organised and tidy you will feel more professional when you’re working.

Try adding a few accessories to your space to really personalise it and make it an area filled with an energy that makes you feel happy and professional:

  • an indoor plant in a funky pot
  • an invigorating or inspiring print hanging on the wall
  • a few desk and stationery accessories that compliment your personality and work

Look Professional

A simple one, but not everyone does it… shower, dress and spruce yourself up in the morning. Putting on a nice outfit (that doesn’t have to be a suit) makes you feel good and prepared for the day. It will make you look and feel more professional and when you’re feeling this way you’ll probably get a lot more done.


It’s easy when you are working at home to let the personal grooming slip but I promise you if you make that little extra effort each morning, it will come back to you in spades.   It might even save you should those random drop ins by delivery persons or customers happen.

Sound Professional

My top tip for sounding more professional is don’t answer your phone if you are in a noisy area. Being self employed or a home based business you’ll often find yourself going out to appointments, the store, run errands, etc, but if you are going to be in a noisy area, plan for it and don’t answer your phone. Instead, try the following:

  • divert your calls
  • use an answering service
  • let calls go to voicemail and return them when you’re somewhere quieter
  • but if you absolutely must answer calls use a Bluetooth headset or ear piece/mic combination so you can hear and be heard clearly

When talking with clients give them your full attention. People can tell when you’re distracted or you’re trying to get a few things done on your computer while you’re talking to them. Give them your full attention and they’ll get off the phone feeling heard and they’ll want to talk to you again and do more business with you.


Another tip to sound more professional is to answer your calls with a smile. You can actually tell when someone answers the phone with a smile and people will hear that you like your business, you’re ready to work and are happy about it… who doesn’t want to work with someone like that?

So they are my top tips to feel, look and sound more professional in your home business. I hope you you find them valuable and put them to use in your business.

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