Document Creation

Clerical On Call can create smart, unique and beautifully formatted documents, ranging from a simple letter to a complex manual.

Examples of Documents That Can be Created for Your Business

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • e-forms for staff or customers to complete
  • spreadsheets (expenses, sales, P&L, payroll, super, planning, rosters, quoting)
  • manuals (employee, procedures, training)
  • letters + reports + tenders
  • flyers + brochures

If you have an idea for a document but are not quite sure how to compile the body of it, Clerical On Call can also provide support and assistance with the layout, copy writing and proof reading of documents.

PowerPoint Presentations

Clerical On Call can whip up cutting edge and memorable PowerPoint oresentations that will make people sit up and take notice.  Or perhaps you already have a presentation but it’s a little dull – it has the right content, but the design and animations need a total revamp?

Forms + Spreadsheets + Manuals

Do you have terrific ideas for forms, spreadsheets or manuals that could be used by yourself, staff or customers? Put your thoughts into action and forward us your rough ideas and we will make them a reality. It can be as simple as emailing us an outline (hand drawn is okay!) of what elements you would like to see and we can return to you a document ready for use.

Letters + Reports + Tenders

Don’t let those opportunities slip by – if you don’t have time to write that letter, report or tender, pop us a note and see how we can help you in drawing up these documents with ready to use templates and online research if needed.

Flyers + Brochures

We have a huge amount of experience creating flyers and brochures and can support your marketing campaigns with tools and templates to help make the process smooth and the outcome amazing.

Put us to work on your document today.